New Products from Successful Speaker Now
New Products from Successful Speaker Now
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"The time I've spent with Barbara as my speaker coach has been invaluable. The way that she coaches to craft your message is in a way that builds upon other talks, so the value from preparing for one talk carries over into future. I know my confidence in speaking has been completely transformed, and I can see the results that I am driving my audience to take action, since working with Barbara. 

 I'm thrilled to have this new flashcard system from Barbara! I told her I would be the first to buy. I refer to the Boring to Brilliant Speakers Guide often, but this will be an even more tangible tool to focus on the most important pieces of information and prepare for talks in a way that will allow me to be prepared on the fly." 

Alissa Paik, Owner, Thrive Marketing Strategies

"Barbara has helped our team to improve our product pitch and storytelling, to make it more “to the point” and as she says it “less boring”. She also coached the team on improving the presentation skills using a very impactful framework with pragmatic approach and a lot of tangible, to-the-point and ideas.

We generated immediate impact from the coaching and training of Barbara – approaching the communication and “pitch” with the structure she shared, simpler but clearer messaging, and importantly, delivered in a way that keep the audience engaged, for maximum impact. The entire team enjoyed the session due to Barbara’s very pragmatic but humble way of delivery which creates an environment of trust, builds confidence and allows to find the most genuine and authentic ways of communication, which is different for every individual.

Very much recommend Barbara for any form of communication & presentation support, training and coaching, and look forward to continue to work with her!"

Eva Jelnikar, Business Leader Air, Philips Domestic Appliances

"Barbara has been a great coach in helping me to prepare for an important event where I had to deliver two different speeches for a large audience. She supported me in the total process of preparing the content of the speeches, from a Wow opening, to a logic and structured flow and a closure that people would remember, by asking the right questions, brainstorming together and challenging me in a very constructive way. Also she coached me to be confident that the story was good, that I could deliver it in a strong way and also how to earn the right, to claim my space on stage.

It went very well and the biggest compliment I received afterwards is that I spoke with the confidence of a born leader. Those credits are definitely also for Barbara as she gave me the guidance and the trust to write the speeches and deliver it this way.
And next to that it was fun to work with Barbara. She is energetic, has humor, is focused and very passionate about her profession. Thanks Barbara!"

Tjitske van Hellemond-Wiersma, Director Customer Care EMEA, JLG Industries