New Products from Successful Speaker Now
New Products from Successful Speaker Now
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About Us

I have always dreamed of creating a unique, valuable product that can be sold around the world and help speakers develop brilliant presentations and empower many. With this product, I believe I have succeeded!

My name is Barbara Rogoski and I am an executive speaker coach, TEDx speaker coach, corporate trainer, professional speaker and author.

I come from a corporate background as global account manager for a medical publishing company. I started my own business speaker coaching business called Successful Speaker Now to help business professionals not be boring.

I am proud that I have had the opportunity to coach more than 100 TEDx speakers around the world to tell their stories and make a difference. What a legacy! I am a long term coach for TEDx Amsterdam Women and am currently the speaker coach for their Talent Night program to empower young women with ideas worth sharing to bring them to the world. I love this part of my job.

I am also working to empower women to step up and speak up to go higher in their careers. 

This flashcard program shares my best speaker tips in a quick and efficient way that any speaker, at any level can utilize to create a BRILLIANT speech!

We have also brought on a marketing research specialist and a finance manager to help us grow.

Barbara Rogoski

Successful Speaker Now